Specifically picked

This will be a Thank You post to the vendors that we’ve picked that helped in making our wedding day a successful one.

Up till today, I didn’t regret the choices we made cos they suit us specifically. And Alhamdulilah getting good remarks from our guests is something we greatly appreciate cos it shows how much our vendors have put into our wedding.

I’ll list down our vendors and have the pictures do the talking.

Pelamin: Reverie Decortes
Location/Catering: 21 on Rajah @ Days Hotel
Bridal: The Songket Bridal by Norseha Sani
Photography: The Phats GalleryInc
Henna: Aida from Hennaida.sg
Henna Party: Atirah from @v4nilla_
Wedding cake: Bakeryn_sg
Favors: Bakeryn_sg
Favor Tags: tripnytch


















All these will never happen if it weren’t for my family, relatives and friends for accommodating to my requests. For their patience whenever I became a bridezilla. Only Allah can repay their kindness for all of their help.

Well, like they say “Baik buruk suatu majlis tu, orang akan tetap cakap”.
The morning after the wedding, Dad told me during the wedding, one of Dad’s cousin made a very stupid comment. I asked myself was his brain placed up his ass? What was his comment?

“Asal buat majlis gini? Kan leceh, orang kene go to and fro untok amek makanan”.

First and the last, it’s a freaking lunch BUFFET! BUFFET! B U F F E T! BUFFET!

I will wait and see if both of his daughters get married, people have to go to and fro to get their food.

Wanna know what’s more sad? He has a side job as a wedding deejay for MALAY wedding and as we all know most malay wedding will always do buffet. I guess, there’s people to serve him food whenever he did have a gig? Hmmmm…. I wonder.

Shall not name what his deejay company is but all I can say is that he’s melayu tak sedar diri. Why? Jadi deejay je, letak name orang putih. Malu sangat ke name melayu tu? Kalah kan local DJ melayu kat SG.

That’s all for now, toodles.



First and foremost, I would like to apologise for this post as this gonna be a rant.

Eversince my father has a Facebook, he’s now in contact with his friends. Especially kawan-kawan sekolah. I’ve gave in to the fact that when it’s my brother’s wedding which was like 6/7 years, our guest was like around 250-300. And the number of pax that he gave to the restaurant manager is 450. Increase of 150, who are these people?!

Last weekend, he did some last min invites to his friends. And late at night he told me, “Daddy rase daddy da overshot invites”. WOW! JUST WOW! I totally ignore him cos first, it’s not my problem. And two, since he forking out the money, lantak kau lah.

And today, 9 days before the wedding. Let me repeat, 9 freaking days. Okay let’s make that 8 days since today is already 4th of March. He said that the berkat not enough cos he have invited his friends till it reaches 500 pax. And guess what? We only ordered 450 jars.

Seriously, that was the last straw. When he said that, I just ignore. Bbysis and I can be heartless and ignore the request cos how the hell are we gonna order another 50 jars in like 8 days?!

I’m really pissed with the fact that why is it so difficult for him to keep to the number of total of guests? Just invite those friends who have been there for you through the ups and downs. And those Hi Bye friends all not needed seh. Then now what? He can happily invite these people whom doesn’t know I even exist and left with bbysis and I having to crack our brains for the “shortage” of berkats? Pfft!

I mean aren’t wedding supposed to be celebrated with your family, close relative and CLOSEST friends?

Honestly, so what if he’s paying for it but it’s still MY wedding. Not his wedding or his reunion party with his friends.

Darah manis they say

It’s 15 days to the wedding and I got myself injured while working out yesterday. How “AMAZING!”

Thought of posting the photo of my wound but it’s too gross.

I was pushing myself too hard cos I was so obsessed in losing more weight when everyone said I look just fine except for my Dad. Cos he expect me to be thin like a broom. Tsk. I guess it’s God’s way of saying enough is enough. Now, I can’t even do anything. Worst still, I can’t even walk properly.

Beau said from the look of my wound, it’ll took me 1 week to heal. Thank God, my wedding is not next week but the week after. But I have fitting on Tuesday, now I’m thinking how I’m suppose to put on my footwear.

I’m the kind of person who will diligently take medication. And with an open wound like this, the more reluctant I am to put on the ointment cos PEDIH SEHHHHH!

But when the future husband (ceyyyy) said “Nak cepat baik tak?”, made me give in and sapu obat jugak.

Alhamdulilah I listen to beau by not putting the bandage on so that the wound will dry up and today I felt better.

Honestly, I never understood the meaning of “Darah Manis” and to take extra care when you’re getting married. Told a friend I was injured and she was like “Kau kan tengah darah manis”. Anyone care to explain?

So fineeeee

Heyyy heyyy! I’m back and I do aware I’ve not been updating for a very long time till the future husband had to remind me to update.

Anyhoo…we’re 18 days to our big day.

Moving on, I’m here to share this beauty device that I’ve tried and so far, I find it very promising.

It’s something that a girlfriend of mine introduced me to so I thought why not I try them since she said it’s good.


It’s an epilator. I always waxed my own legs and I find it very messy. And no, I don’t dare to have someone to wax it for me. Apart from that, I never like shaving so I pluck my underarms and that is sooooo tedious.

Honestly, I was so scared to try the epilator cos of the buzzing sound (kental pe aku). I’m not gonna lie but there’s a tiny bit of pain but the pain is for awhile only. I like the fact that your hair being pulled right from the roots.

Been 20 days and I must say I’m pretty happy to say there’s only a few strands that grow but it’s very very short and very fine. Unlike when I pluck or wax, it still grow rather fast and very rough.

Basically, everyone need to explore and see what’s suitable for them. What’s great for me might not be beneficial to you. But I’m here to just share my experience 😉


Basically, berkat settled BUT the mother ALWAYS want a carrier to come along with it.

Her reason? “So that senang untuk sesiapa yang tak bawak bag. Kalau nak balek tak leceh.”

She have her own specifications on how the carrier should be. Not to big and not too small. A carrier that is just nice for a 250ml jar. However, bbysis and I fail tremendously on the search for a “bag” that mum requested.

All that changed when we went to Dad’s far relative wedding. And the berkat they give came with a mini brown paper bag, just nice of what Mum been looking for. I asked Mum to ask lah where they get it but still she won’t bother. Again, it’s up to me and bbysis to find. Tskkk.

Therefore, I need all the help from you ladies out there. In case, you’ve seen it somewhere while doing your wedding preps. Below is the mini brown paper bag and that’s my 21 yo bbysis’s hand. Lol!


I love you, Tiffany

Today will be 58 days till #kmrulsbrna #foreverseries.

Basically everything is almost done (hope so). Bbysis and I will be doing our own berkats because being an inspiring entrepreneur, she did the math and calculate we could save $500+ if we do our own.

Therefore, we’ll be having cookies in a jar. To customize it, bbysis suggested that to have “Thank You” tags, so why not.

So she had her friend to help us in doing the tags. They kinda give 2 drafts but I’m torn in between so I need you girls to help me decide which you all prefer.


Thank you in advance. Xoxo.


What’s the purpose of Twitter? Can any kind soul explain to me?

If the purpose of Twitter is to post everything that is indah indah belaka, orang meluat.

I have a twitter and not all knows about it. And it’s a platform for me to express myself knowing no one is there to hear or care about what I have to say.

I do realize whatever I post have it’s consequences and I’m prepare for it. If whatever I post buat orang terasa and if they realise they are not at fault then they shouldn’t even feel terasa at the beginning. And if they do, dipersilakan. I know there’s people who doesn’t like me & I don’t care. I’m not gonna keep mum so people will like me.

If they don’t like what I post, they can unfollow me. If they still wanna follow me after I post random things that made them unhappy, it’s obvious they are still there to stalk you, am I right?

If I have people to tell me what I should or should not post, might as well I don’t have one right?

Babysis of mine have deleted hers like few months ago because of the same problem. Well, we were taught not to care what people say and say whatever you gotta say. But sadly, some people are just sensitive.

Therefore, I deleted my twitter account. Kau happy, dia happy, aku yang tak happy.