I got my eyes on you…

In my previous blog, I’ve mentioned that Daddy have come to a conclusion to have my wedding at 21 on Rajah. Interior wise of 21 on Rajah, there is nothing much to do cos the place is already nice as how it is.

However, I don’t fancy how the pelamin looks like. When I showed Daddy how the pelamin looks like, his response was “Mana pelamin dia?” 

Processed with VSCOcam

I’ve always been a very simple lady since forever so I’m looking for a pelamin that is simple. So I’ve been IG hopping from one deco to another. Then tadaaaaaa….I chance upon Reverie Decortes IG. Instantly, I’m liking what I see. Even Daddy said that “Tak payah cari pelamin yang tinggi”.

Therefore, I showed their works to Mami & bbysis. Alhamdulilah they gave their stamp of approval. Their quotation is within my budget & again Alhamdulilah. 

I’ve decided to book them but I’ll wait for our appointment with 21 on Rajah to settle. And that will be on Tuesday, 30 June 2015. I’m so excited but I have to maintain my composure.



3 thoughts on “I got my eyes on you…

  1. Salam my dear! I was bloghopping and chanced upon ur posy about 21 on rajah! Interested to do my wedding there too!! But im still keeping my choice open 🙂 how much do you pay for the package and how many pax? Thank you 💕


    • Salam to you too dear! They have 3 package. First is 45++ per head, 50++ per head and lastly is 55++ per head. I took the 45++ for 500 pax. I hope that helps. You can email them for more info, they are nice people to liase with.

      Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and hope everything going on smoothly. 😊

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