208. Cake cake cake cake cake

Hi! Hi! 208 days to go & 9 more days to start counting down by the 100’s. So fast uh?!?!

From the beginning of my wed prep, have I not once thought of a wedding cake cos I don’t see it happening at my side. As cake cutting only happens at the end of the event & I’ll be ending it at beau’s side.

All that change when both Mami & bbysis mentioned about my wedding cake. My reason was that “I don’t see any pengantin before having their cake cutting session in the middle of the event and tak pernah nampak pengantin in their songket outfit cut cake.”

Since the parents said it’s okay and not to follow the norm so I’m on the hunt for wedding cakes.

My aunt recommend Spatula Bakery and Lynn’s Cakes. I’ve never try Spatula before but I’ve tasted Lynn’s Cakes before & its nice.

Dear BTB, any recommendations on wedding cakes?


6 thoughts on “208. Cake cake cake cake cake

  1. Hannah says:

    Hey! Just wanna say that I had a one day event and I did my cake cutting right smack in the middle of my event in my songket outfit, just before we moved on to my husband’s side. I also managed to psycho my cousin who got married last weekend to cut his cake in the middle of his reception. There’s really no need to follow the norm. I personally find it sad and such a waste to cut cake at the end of the reception when there are so few guests left to share your joy. :p


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