HELP: Wedding shoes

I’m standing at 1.7m & my fiance is taller by 2-3 cm. Therefore, when looking for wedding shoes, I don’t want something that will make me look like a giant or taller than my fiance.

And yes, I envy BTB who can get those killer heels for their wedding. I mean, it’s every girls dream kan? But sayang my tunang not that tall. Hu hu hu.

I’m looking at wedding flats or ade heels pon sikit jeeeee. But it’s so hard to find. Cume boleh cari dalam Pinterest je. Hua hua hua.

Does anyone knows where I can find wedding flats that really look like for a wedding? And not those kind you pakai masok office. Hehe.


2 thoughts on “HELP: Wedding shoes

  1. arinnjamal says:

    Babe. You try Anna Nucci. Bridal range starts from 1 inch high. My friend and hubby macam your situation. She got bridal shoes there. Good luck!


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