174 days to tying the knot to my beau ooo oooo.

I’ve finalize the silhouette of how I want my 3 outfits to be. I hope I don’t gatal and have them change again untuk kali ke berapa entah. I have to finalize them before I go meet Kak Seha.

Now, I’m 80% done in deciding the colour but I have to make sure my pelamin colour and beau’s pelamin colour won’t make us “tenggelam” like mum said.

Wedding invites still in process. Berkats, the parents asyik tukar aje. Deejay/emcee/entertainment, leaving it to the father. Kursus kahwin, till my work schedule isn’t that hectic then we’ll go.

Okay, I’m literally “tenggelam”. Blop blop.


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