Something DIY

I’m aware I’ve been MIA and not been updating but I’ve been happily reading each one of the BTB posts every night before I go to sleep. Macam bedtime story gitu. Hehehehehe

Anyway, lately I’ve been thinking of the idea guestbook and how I realized that I have none. At some point I thought of photobooth but then I don’t wanna spend extra on that. Then I stumbled upon something on Pinterest, something called Jenga Guestbook.

I think it’s a good idea and the fact that I have Jenga blocks at home and beau manage to find blocks that looked like Jenga’s at a very affordable price.


I guess you all been wondering what can be done with alk those Jenga blocks? Well, beau asked the same question too. So…….


And beau wanted to do something DIY for his groomsmen with my help of course.

Beau and his groomsmen are fans of “One Piece” so beau managed to get those One Piece character figurines and he wanted to make them into groomsmen boutonniere. And all thanks to Pinterest of course.


I think Pinterest are BTB bestfriend. Hehehehehe.

Okay time to sleep. Tata.


7 thoughts on “Something DIY

  1. Wah jenga blocks for a guest book is damn cool. Can take out anytime and play while reading the messages! (If never do the photo frame lah heh) and omg coolest boutonniere ever esp the spiderman haha!!! Love love all of em!!!


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