To post or not to post

As BTB, I’m guess any girl will be excited about their wedding and would love to update about their wedding preps on the social media.

I have a question, has anyone of you girls have thought of posting something on Instagram but decided not to cos you scared people might feel meluat and menyampah?

Well, I have! Like a gazillion times. I’ll go like “Should I post this or not? Well, I think no need lah. Later people think I show off.” When all you wanna do is just post it for progression purposes. Then in the end, that photo you took collect habok dalam handphone.

What’s your opinions, ladies?

Honestly, I must say I’m more comfortable posting anything on my blog cos I know the BTB who read my blog understand how I feel.

Like they say, a BTB will understand another BTB.


12 thoughts on “To post or not to post

  1. Hello πŸ™‚ for me I post aje on ig but I don’t post so often cos I know nanti ada yang menyampah pulak. Lagipun I’m sure some of my friends on ig are interested to know about my wedding preps. As for yang lain tu.. Buat bodoh aje la πŸ˜… it’s not like we are going to go through this phase again right (in shaa Allah). ☺️

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  2. For me I usually upload blog aje hahaha. Occasionally on ig! But I have no qualms if my friends post about their preps on ig or whatever platforms because caring is sharing! I get excited for them!!

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  3. I have a separate ig accnt in which I will post anything that is related to my wedding preps but I don’t really announce that I have one. Its up to people if they want to follow me or not on that separate accnt. So in this way I actually void the ‘menyampah-ness’ of people. My main ig accnt doesnt hold any wedding preps post so yeap! Just my two cents babe. But anything you do just don’t mind people bcs they are always gonna talk anw..

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  4. Ehhhh i dont really post abt my progress in IG tho. Just like random pictures but my caption will be like blog updated! #projectkahwin #yadayada hahaha! Its easier to maintian if you only have like 1 wedding platform. But then its up to you. Yg penting go je. Orang nak cakap ape cakap. You berhak post whatever you want to post dear πŸ™‚

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  5. Hi babe, I totally get your feels. It may seem that its meluat or menyampah or whatever, but there are people (like ME) who lovesssssssssssss reading mushy stuffs about myself or about other people! So my suggestion is…..YOU DO YOU. You do whatever you want. If people dont like, they really have a choice of scrolling up and ignoring your post. Its social media, your platform. But in terms of blogging, obviously we are all in the same boat here. So no meluat, no menyampah! HAAHHAHA

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