Bikini: Checked

Since I’m on leave tomorrow (clearing leave), I shall update this blog of mine.

Firstly as what the title stated, I finally purchase my very first bikini. Bikini for what? For honeymoon of course. I’m a hijabi but pakai bikini? I’ll explain later okay? Stay tune je.

Luckily, I did not buy my bikini online on impulse cos I was aiming for either Triangl or Roxy. It was until today that beau suggested to go IMM cos he heard there’s sale going on and he need to find a purple shirt for his cousin’s wedding. Went inside Billabong and I saw “SWIMWEAR. 1 FOR $15. 2 FOR $20”.

Sumpah I feel so segan to browse through the bikini because I’m a hijabi. Takot orang nampak and fikir “si dekni kai tudung beh nak kai bikini ape hal” But pasal I really NEED one, I tebal kan muka je. Tengok punye tengok…I FOUND THE ONE! One set of bikini cost me a freaking $20 AJE!

So, why do I need the bikini? THIS!


Basically, the honeymoon hotel that beau and I have book, the toilet open air seh! Macam zaman2 kampong gitu. Nak mandi tak kai baju cam segan lak although it’s covered and the walls that they built quite high. And I found another blogger who have went here before suggested that if malu to mandi not wearing anything, then you can wear a bikini. So tadaaaaa!

Where is this? One of the 3 Gilis, Gili-Trawangan. Why this place? Cos the kakak to my bbysis bestfriend went to Gili-Trawangan before and I’m sooooo in love with the place when she post them on IG. One thing I like about the island is that there’s no motorized vehicle. You sewa basikal and can venture the whole island with just a basikal.

The hotel we will be staying is Le Pirate Beach Club. They have two locations, one in Bali and the other is in Gili Trawangan. I shall let the pictures do the talking.





As you can see there’s no television in the room which I like about it because you’re there to spend time with you partner not laze around in bed watching tv.

And one of the thing I’m looking forward for the honeymoon because we can experience movie by the beach!!!


And also, I’m excited to swim with the turtles and lots of other water activities.

That’s all for now I guess. Shall update again soon.

And I’m meeting Nan with my parents tomorrow for our last discussion on the location.

The days are decreasing but I’ve yet to feel anything. In fact I feel so calm. Maybe tunggu we enter 2016, I guess? We’ll see. Till then, toodles.


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