What’s the purpose of Twitter? Can any kind soul explain to me?

If the purpose of Twitter is to post everything that is indah indah belaka, orang meluat.

I have a twitter and not all knows about it. And it’s a platform for me to express myself knowing no one is there to hear or care about what I have to say.

I do realize whatever I post have it’s consequences and I’m prepare for it. If whatever I post buat orang terasa and if they realise they are not at fault then they shouldn’t even feel terasa at the beginning. And if they do, dipersilakan. I know there’s people who doesn’t like me & I don’t care. I’m not gonna keep mum so people will like me.

If they don’t like what I post, they can unfollow me. If they still wanna follow me after I post random things that made them unhappy, it’s obvious they are still there to stalk you, am I right?

If I have people to tell me what I should or should not post, might as well I don’t have one right?

Babysis of mine have deleted hers like few months ago because of the same problem. Well, we were taught not to care what people say and say whatever you gotta say. But sadly, some people are just sensitive.

Therefore, I deleted my twitter account. Kau happy, dia happy, aku yang tak happy.



One thought on “Deactivate

  1. arinnjamal says:

    Eh orang merepek all this. Delete block sudah. I donch like. I nyer account, I nyer suka k. Haha. Sorry hijack post tompang rant. Happy new yr, maaf zahir batin 😁✌🏻️


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