Basically, berkat settled BUT the mother ALWAYS want a carrier to come along with it.

Her reason? “So that senang untuk sesiapa yang tak bawak bag. Kalau nak balek tak leceh.”

She have her own specifications on how the carrier should be. Not to big and not too small. A carrier that is just nice for a 250ml jar. However, bbysis and I fail tremendously on the search for a “bag” that mum requested.

All that changed when we went to Dad’s far relative wedding. And the berkat they give came with a mini brown paper bag, just nice of what Mum been looking for. I asked Mum to ask lah where they get it but still she won’t bother. Again, it’s up to me and bbysis to find. Tskkk.

Therefore, I need all the help from you ladies out there. In case, you’ve seen it somewhere while doing your wedding preps. Below is the mini brown paper bag and that’s my 21 yo bbysis’s hand. Lol!



I love you, Tiffany

Today will be 58 days till #kmrulsbrna #foreverseries.

Basically everything is almost done (hope so). Bbysis and I will be doing our own berkats because being an inspiring entrepreneur, she did the math and calculate we could save $500+ if we do our own.

Therefore, we’ll be having cookies in a jar. To customize it, bbysis suggested that to have “Thank You” tags, so why not.

So she had her friend to help us in doing the tags. They kinda give 2 drafts but I’m torn in between so I need you girls to help me decide which you all prefer.


Thank you in advance. Xoxo.