So fineeeee

Heyyy heyyy! I’m back and I do aware I’ve not been updating for a very long time till the future husband had to remind me to update.

Anyhoo…we’re 18 days to our big day.

Moving on, I’m here to share this beauty device that I’ve tried and so far, I find it very promising.

It’s something that a girlfriend of mine introduced me to so I thought why not I try them since she said it’s good.


It’s an epilator. I always waxed my own legs and I find it very messy. And no, I don’t dare to have someone to wax it for me. Apart from that, I never like shaving so I pluck my underarms and that is sooooo tedious.

Honestly, I was so scared to try the epilator cos of the buzzing sound (kental pe aku). I’m not gonna lie but there’s a tiny bit of pain but the pain is for awhile only. I like the fact that your hair being pulled right from the roots.

Been 20 days and I must say I’m pretty happy to say there’s only a few strands that grow but it’s very very short and very fine. Unlike when I pluck or wax, it still grow rather fast and very rough.

Basically, everyone need to explore and see what’s suitable for them. What’s great for me might not be beneficial to you. But I’m here to just share my experience 😉

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