Darah manis they say

It’s 15 days to the wedding and I got myself injured while working out yesterday. How “AMAZING!”

Thought of posting the photo of my wound but it’s too gross.

I was pushing myself too hard cos I was so obsessed in losing more weight when everyone said I look just fine except for my Dad. Cos he expect me to be thin like a broom. Tsk. I guess it’s God’s way of saying enough is enough. Now, I can’t even do anything. Worst still, I can’t even walk properly.

Beau said from the look of my wound, it’ll took me 1 week to heal. Thank God, my wedding is not next week but the week after. But I have fitting on Tuesday, now I’m thinking how I’m suppose to put on my footwear.

I’m the kind of person who will diligently take medication. And with an open wound like this, the more reluctant I am to put on the ointment cos PEDIH SEHHHHH!

But when the future husband (ceyyyy) said “Nak cepat baik tak?”, made me give in and sapu obat jugak.

Alhamdulilah I listen to beau by not putting the bandage on so that the wound will dry up and today I felt better.

Honestly, I never understood the meaning of “Darah Manis” and to take extra care when you’re getting married. Told a friend I was injured and she was like “Kau kan tengah darah manis”. Anyone care to explain?


4 thoughts on “Darah manis they say

  1. Darah manis, later if exposed the syaitan will come.


    I think its that certain glow a BTB will have like preggo ladies like that same same. And mcm we’re more exposed to black magic and hasutan. Org dulu la cakap. hehehe.


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