First and foremost, I would like to apologise for this post as this gonna be a rant.

Eversince my father has a Facebook, he’s now in contact with his friends. Especially kawan-kawan sekolah. I’ve gave in to the fact that when it’s my brother’s wedding which was like 6/7 years, our guest was like around 250-300. And the number of pax that he gave to the restaurant manager is 450. Increase of 150, who are these people?!

Last weekend, he did some last min invites to his friends. And late at night he told me, “Daddy rase daddy da overshot invites”. WOW! JUST WOW! I totally ignore him cos first, it’s not my problem. And two, since he forking out the money, lantak kau lah.

And today, 9 days before the wedding. Let me repeat, 9 freaking days. Okay let’s make that 8 days since today is already 4th of March. He said that the berkat not enough cos he have invited his friends till it reaches 500 pax. And guess what? We only ordered 450 jars.

Seriously, that was the last straw. When he said that, I just ignore. Bbysis and I can be heartless and ignore the request cos how the hell are we gonna order another 50 jars in like 8 days?!

I’m really pissed with the fact that why is it so difficult for him to keep to the number of total of guests? Just invite those friends who have been there for you through the ups and downs. And those Hi Bye friends all not needed seh. Then now what? He can happily invite these people whom doesn’t know I even exist and left with bbysis and I having to crack our brains for the “shortage” of berkats? Pfft!

I mean aren’t wedding supposed to be celebrated with your family, close relative and CLOSEST friends?

Honestly, so what if he’s paying for it but it’s still MY wedding. Not his wedding or his reunion party with his friends.


One thought on “I.SERIOUSLY.CAN’T

  1. ehhh same like my case babe , prior few weeks to the wedding my dad open an fb acct , got in touch with all his bdk2 sekolah kampung and all . eventually most of them turn up tapi i was okay with it when i saw how happy he was masa contacting to tell them that anak dia nak kawin . I fear about my berkat too. Was quite mad and panic lahh , so what I did was I ask him few options to stand by . Last2 , I bought tea boxes and alhamdullilah cukup .Maybe give him a few options or maybe talk it about the cons like takot tak terlayan or what if he invited to many . hahaha


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